Big Up Your Blog!

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Want to be part of an absolutely amazing Facebook group of bloggers? Want to have supportive blog pals at the end of the ether, sharing and commenting on your posts? Want to grow your social media following genuinely? Want to showcase your posts to some individuals who actually do…


I’ve made a decision. (Prepare for the eff word…a lot)

This is an AMAZING post, posted by Tarnished Soul. Why? Because despite the pain this post evolved from, it’s passionate, real and honest. 3 traits I’m always in search for. Now, the F bomb is dropped roughly 55-75 times, I don’t know, I didn’t count. So if you are a nun, Amish or a delicate… Continue reading I’ve made a decision. (Prepare for the eff word…a lot)


#London #Together #Strong

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A nonet inspired by the awful happenings of last night… When will all this fear and hatred end? Lives taken for no true reason? Evil, you will not break us We are tougher than that We will not run scared We stand as one Together London Strong Ritu…

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Elf on the the Shelf-Day 1

What my son sees upon waking:  A delightful little elf named Zipper just wanting to play video games. In fact, he even has his own special soccer uniform, because I am that good.  Adult version of Elf on the Shelf: Zipper has hit rock bottom. He can no longer afford the prescription drugs on his… Continue reading Elf on the the Shelf-Day 1

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I’m Not M.I.A. 

Just a quick note that I am not slacking on posting or reading everyone’s posts. I do apologize! I have to take care of a few things that I anticipated would take 3 evenings tops…I’m on evening #5. Obviously I was a little off. Anyway, I’ll be a mean lean posting and reading machine starting… Continue reading I’m Not M.I.A.