Shaping Up to be a Hot Mess of a New Years Eve

I stayed up till 2 a.m last night. I thought my sons had the rule down pretty well that unless the house is on fire or someone is sick, don’t wake me. This was my 1 week off and I wanted to at least sleep till 9. At 8:07, P comes into my room and… Continue reading Shaping Up to be a Hot Mess of a New Years Eve

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Financially a Hot Mess

My sister’s long term boyfriend decided a few months ago to get a desk job as a Financial Advisor. He is a ridiculously talented Artist yet it’s hard to find a great paying art gig, especially in the Midwest. “Starving Artist” sales weren’t ironically created. If you are an artist in any city other than… Continue reading Financially a Hot Mess

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Is Choosing A Galaxy Note Over An IPhone Like Being Amish?

I am getting so frustrated with the lack of options for my Note 5 with regards to cases. Let me be clear here, I love my Note 5. I’ve had Notes for many years now. I got the Galaxy Gear watch when it first came out then the 2nd. After Apple got with the program,… Continue reading Is Choosing A Galaxy Note Over An IPhone Like Being Amish?


My Birthday is Tomorrow…

….and it can truly kiss my ass. I will be real here and tell you that this has been the worse, the worse year of my life with the exception of 2003 when my father died. Look, the remainder of this post will be a wine fest so I don’t blame you if you leave… Continue reading My Birthday is Tomorrow…

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Drone Wars Part 1

I come down today from my 30 minute make believe nap to discover the boys attempting to rip into their new drones. My husband went up to take a cat nap of 3 hours so I knew I would be the drone queen for the afternoon. P was already screwing something to something on his… Continue reading Drone Wars Part 1

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Drone as Presents?

Be honest, when you hear drone you think warfare or small villages being blown up? At least this was the zeitgeist a few years ago. Apparently, now they are overpriced toys you purchase on Christmas Eve at Best Buy because one child has one extra present more than the other and “everything has to be… Continue reading Drone as Presents?