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Is Choosing A Galaxy Note Over An IPhone Like Being Amish?

I am getting so frustrated with the lack of options for my Note 5 with regards to cases. Let me be clear here, I love my Note 5. I’ve had Notes for many years now. I got the Galaxy Gear watch when it first came out then the 2nd. After Apple got with the program, everyone now asks me, ” Is that an Apple phone?”

I mean, do people look at me on my white little tablet, writing notes  with my built in stylus and feel sorry for me? Like they should donate their first generation IPhone to me like a coat drive at church?

I know as I type this there are die hard Apple lovers ready to capture me for heresy and present me to the Apple authorities. Now just put down your kool-aid, attempt to scrub that moustache off and listen for a second. You are brainwashed. You are essentially paying for the name when you can find just as good technology, if not better in other brands. How many times have you heard someone announce “I can only do Apple”, as if it’s some sort of sorority and the announcement of this puts you in a higher caste system. You can only do Apple? What? Are you allergic to the Galaxy charger or something?

There really isn’t a point to this. I was just reading, thought of it and wanted to get it on paper. So are you team Apple or do you want to hop in my Amish buggie to the Samsung store to pick up the VR Gear?

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