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Questions For My Husband Regarding Mealtime

Being that it’s Sunday many families gather around the table for just 1 special meal together. Growing up, it was an event since my father owned a restaurant and was a great cook. Often we were allowed to invite friends over for dinner. The invitees were always excited for the prospect of sampling my father’s… Continue reading Questions For My Husband Regarding Mealtime

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Epic Fail? No Bitches*….Epically Awesome Award!

No one is calling anyone the B-word*. It’s a term of endearment for all of you I’m getting to know. Promise! When I went for a title, this was the first thing that popped in my head. Yes I know, I do need to speak with a licensed professional. This award made my day and a… Continue reading Epic Fail? No Bitches*….Epically Awesome Award!

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E.L. James’s E-mail to Me

So occasionally on every other night, I will have a few glasses of wine. After 2 I begin to get brave and e-mail/post a bit freer than sober hot mess would. Below are 2 instances that are funny now that I look back on it. Let me preface this by saying I AM NOT CRAZY. Instance… Continue reading E.L. James’s E-mail to Me


3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 2

Again I can’t thank this AWESOME Blogger, NoLoveForFatties for nominating me for this challenge/award. THANK YOU! Below are the rules should my nominees chose to participate (and I totally get it if you are too busy and don’t want to). Thank the person that nominated you. Post 1 to 3 quotes a day. Nominate 3 bloggers/friends… Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge-Day 2

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I Saw Police Draw Guns for the First Time Yesterday

I don’t work in a horrible part of town, at least I would like to think it is an “up-and-coming” neighborhood which is hipster speak for “I really can’t afford where all my other hipster friends live so I’m going to live in this shit hole neighborhood and call it up-and-coming. You want to know… Continue reading I Saw Police Draw Guns for the First Time Yesterday

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My World in Pictures

I take these funny pictures hoping it will make you laugh. Lord knows it makes me laugh. Below is a snip it of my life in images. Can you relate? This is my typical grocery cart on a weekly basis. I play a game every week on “how many people can I get to roll… Continue reading My World in Pictures


3 Days of Quotes Challenge

A very funny and awesome Blogger, NoLoveForFatties has nominated me for this challenge/award. A huge THANK YOU to her! This is my first nomination so I am very honored and think this calls for another plastic bottle of Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon. I just have 1 question before we get started: Will there be an evening… Continue reading 3 Days of Quotes Challenge