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Corporate Phrases Your Tired of Hearing-Part 3

Thank the baby Jesus this week is over and it’s the weekend. Not enough wine in the world to handle work in my opinion.

Below is my final installment of corporate phrases. Please check out Part 1:Corporate Phrases Your Tired of Hearing-Part 1 along with Part 2: Corporate Phrases Your Tired of Hearing- Part 2 at these links for a combined total of around 100 phrases to suck the last bit of life you have left from your cubicle. Please send me more phrases. There has to be new strains of this plague, somewhere we haven’t heard of.

corp term 4

So I’m finishing up an essay about one of my many “Mean Girls” co-workers. I hope to have it complete tonight; tomorrow at the latest. If I’m a hot mess…she’s well…ok, I don’t have anything, sorry…..I suck right now.

8 thoughts on “Corporate Phrases Your Tired of Hearing-Part 3

  1. This is fabulous – I can’t stand all these shitty phrases that mean nothing and suggest bureaucracy. My husband just got laid off from a large Oil Service Company. The youngster assigned to help him create a resume or CV outraged him by suggesting he use the phrase BRANDING STATEMENT. WTF???? I had to tone down his very snarky email and put in some humor such as “I am not a steer!”
    At the moment I hate ‘mindfulness’ and had a colleague in Scotland who incessantly said, “we have to hit the ground running with this project”. What does that mean, especially since she was a fat, lazy cow, sorry heifer. 🙂

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    1. Oh crap…I think I missed those douchey phrases. I would have asked that too as I await the pain of a branding iron. Why can’t we talk normal? I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I’ve been laid off twice and it is the most helpless feeling, especially when you have mouths to feed.

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      1. We are okay, better than most. Good severance and 32 years since his last layoff. Still, I keep having nightmares about the future. Then I remember I lived in Egypt and we managed just fine. 🙂


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