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Only At My Job….

When I walked in on this today I had the same indifferent feeling I had in my 8th week of living in NYC when a 3″ cockroach tried unsuccessfully to scale my bathtub. The gigantic buck head (that’s what their called right?) came along with the territory and didn’t really phase me. Hell….it’s worth the picture just to share with you guys!

5 thoughts on “Only At My Job….

  1. I know right? A week before the cockroach, I sat down to a hot bowl of Chef Boyardee (hey, I was 21, making $8 an hour at my internship). After just a few minutes I see something moving from the corner of my eye. I look over to see a mouse falling into the saucepan I had just cooked my raviolis in. I stood on my chair for 2 hours until my roommates got home to call the super.

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