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My World in Pictures

I take these funny pictures hoping it will make you laugh. Lord knows it makes me laugh. Below is a snip it of my life in images. Can you relate?

My weekly grocery cart

This is my typical grocery cart on a weekly basis. I play a game every week on “how many people can I get to roll their eyes, turn around and go to another lane” because I have too much shit to buy. The average is 2, the highest has been 4.

I lost the battle with the ice

Look, I don’t know the science of salt and what type of salt eats the ice. I just know we were out of it and all I had was Kosher, Sea Salt and Table. Seeing that I use the kosher the least and the crystals are the largest, I opted to try it. This was purely an experiment that clearly went wrong. I broke my ice scraper AND all the ice did not melt.

a 1/2 a stick of butter....really?

I felt like a horrible mom. The boy’s friend was over so I made 2 boxes of mac and cheese. This called for an entire log of margarine. I began to stir it like a butter churner just trying to get the shit to melt in preparation for the neon orange “cheese” powder. After about 5 minutes the log was almost gone. To offset my guilt, I served baby carrots with the mac and cheese.

a girl's gotta do

I am Italian. A boxed wine is unheard of. Hear me out. I found this wine after Forbes rated it pretty high. I felt so dirty like I needed to take a shower after picking this up at CVS. Had I stooped so low? Turned out to be better than I expected. With the $22 price tag and the equivalent of 4 bottles, this was a win win situation. Fast forward a year later and you have to rip the box open to reveal what looks to be a blood bag to squeeze the remainder out. Is it bad that I snip off the corner at the very end to get the last little bit out?


10 thoughts on “My World in Pictures

  1. This made me laugh! Oh… by the way, you can make the mac and cheese with half the butter called for. I’ve been doing that forever for my kids. Mac and cheese is my son’s favorite thing and he has no idea the box says it should have twice as much butter. Of course, he’s 11 now and can almost eat the entire box by himself, so I suppose he’s having plenty of butter… 😀


  2. To address your sad window scrapper, I saw an article on the internet about spraying your windows with something at night to prevent ice build up. Maybe a vinegar or peroxide solution? I heard it works really well?


      1. All salt will allow ice to melt faster since it shakes up the molecules into moving faster (heck YES to grade 5 science supply days!), so it will definitely help a little bit but probably not as much as other techniques. The article I read was something about creating a barrier between the snow/ice and your car. I should try to find it later today haha!! If I do, I’ll email it to you 🙂

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  3. I thought about trying it with less butter but then there was a small chance I would be eating some of it and didn’t want to sacrifice. No, I’m just kidding. If I make 2 boxes I am going to try it that way. I’m glad this made you laugh! Personal experience?


    1. I know, I feel so dirty buying boxed wine. but its no worse then your standard table wine, keeps longer, reduces waste and is the equivalent of 4 bottles! I challenge you to go incognito to cvs or any grocery store, buy 1 and try it out. If you do you have to telll me what you think. 🙂


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