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Hot Mess Commute to Work

I didn’t realize what a hot mess my morning commute had become till I looked down on my lap this morning to find this:


I have a 40 minute commute to work each day and I hate that any time goes towards it. To counter this, I use this time to apply makeup, eat breakfast and lastly catch up on my audible book. I know, I know…not safe. I only do the makeup thing when traffic is at a complete standstill (everyday) or I’m at a red light.

I was putting on my makeup at the stop light when I noticed 2 kids starring at me in the school bus in front of me. I was furiously rubbing my face attempting to get my foundation to blend in. One of the teens tapped another kid and pointed at me. I suddenly realized they were mildly making fun of my makeup regime.

Frustrated, I did the ununiversal sign for this is you in 20 years by circling my index finger around my face, pointing to myself then them. Laugh now but they will understand all of this in a few decades. The light turned green before they registered my ridiculous hand signals.

When I listen to my music in the car, I dance like no one is watching which is really quiet the opposite of what is happening. Sometimes I don’t think I can get any more of a mess; listening to Bang Bang with my earphones in, drinking Starbucks, while applying MAC blush and singing at the top of my lungs a song that clearly was not designed for my musical range or lack thereof.

So what does your commute look like? Do you have one? If not, I hate you.

18 thoughts on “Hot Mess Commute to Work

  1. You should put your make-up on at work so you get paid for it. Why not? You deserve it!

    My commute looks like listening to NPR, drinking mineral water, filtered water, hot coffee or hot tea, putting lotion on my hands and keeping on high alert for anyone trying to cut me off or get in front of me inappropriately without using a turn signal. No turn signal, you’re not getting in. LEARN to communicate drivers!

    I also have to watch for cyclists on part of my commute … wouldn’t want to kill or maim someone on a bike!

    I constantly adjust the thermostat, seat (AKA @ss) heater and whatnot. I hate being cold, I hate being hot. I have to constantly adjust my visor for the sun in various spots. Very tiresome.

    My commute is 9 miles, but it takes me 30-35 mins. I love my commute to work unless I’m driving behind someone who has a goldfish bowl balanced on their lap and they can only drive 17.5 mph. Those mother f*ckers can suck it! I’ve got to get to work ON TIME and they need to take their stupid mini-van and just go home, do their crafting and home-schooling. I have a real job where I need to make it on time! Capice anyone?!!!! 😉

    Make-up … well, if I have enough time the war paint goes on BEFORE I get in the car, if not it’s any ugly day for me, but that means I got more sleep. So, it’s prettyish and sleepy vs. ugly and well-rested.

    And I had to look up “Bang Bang” (your music stuff) because I had no idea what that was … too busy listening to NPR and all the Syrian stuff coupled with the Zika virus shit … do NOT get me talking about Ted Cruz — that … @*&%&$#%#! I’m serious.

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  2. I think you might hate me after saying this: my commute is a 3 minute walk down the street, with music playing from my phone into headphones. A walk up a flight of stairs, and an elevator ride to the 3rd floor. Usually elevator dancing if there are no Koreans in there with me lol

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