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It Is My Duty To Pass Along This Funny Article

The images below I found on: Woman Falls Asleep At The Mall. Though google it, and instantly you get a million articles regarding this sleeping woman. Why am I the only person in my circle of friends, family and co-workers that has seen this circulating? Have you guys seen this? Of course the first image is the original. I have now carefully curated a selection of my favorite Photoshopped images. There are a ton more out there. God bless Photoshop. Again, if you want to read one of the articles or see additional images, please click on the above link or google it. Enjoy this visual feast……

Woman falls asleep at the shopping mall
Woman falls asleep at shopping mall
The Circle of Life
Bro woman falling asleep in the mall
She’s a bro now.


I’ve saved the best for last. Absolute favorite! This painting is so breathtaking I have shed tears looking at it.

Woman falling asleep at mall and Michaelangelo
My favorite of all the ones found on the internet!


20 thoughts on “It Is My Duty To Pass Along This Funny Article

  1. Good for her for getting some beauty rest. May she rest a thousand years! Oops, did I say that? She’s simply a sleeping beauty just the way she is … plus the confidence that diva has to fall asleep somewhere public … I envy the ability to relax this well. She’s got relaxin’ skills to the max! 😉

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