My Son Nominated Me to be a Scout Leader-Part 1

3 years ago we received a letter home: “Come join us this Wednesday to learn about joining Cub Scouts.”

Oh my gosh, my oldest son is going to join Cub Scouts. How freckin’ precious is this? I began to have flash backs of ONLY the good times of being a girl scout. I came in #2 selling cookies. Had my mother not built her world around her Caboodle that held all of her nail grooming along with the 80’s version of Candy Crush-Tetris, I would have probably been #1 in the state with cookie sales.

I was so excited for my son. He could go on camping trips, earn badges and overall have a really good time.

Wednesday night came and it was at a parent’s house. We really lucked out because it was at a parent’s house that happened to live in our neighborhood. We got there and it was pretty much what I expected: an overview of the program and what the boys would be learning.

For the kids and parents, the scout leader provided a big bowl of chocolate however it was not within my grasp. To get to it, I had to pass in front of the scout leader as he gave his speech. Just as I stood up to attack the chocolate, the next 20 seconds happened in almost slow motion. Here is what happened:

“So, who would like to be the cub scout leader of this pack?” The Scout Leader asked. You could here a pin drop as no one was volunteering.

Not making eye contact my goal was clear, the fun size kit-kat bar in that bowl. Some dad would begrudgingly sign up to be the leader. All I had to do was drive him to his meetings weekly and get him his uniform. Just as I passed over the scout leader, picked up the kit-kat bar and in slow motion I heard the following from my son:

“My mom will do it.”

Come again?

Sorry guys, gotta get back to work. I’ll write my experience this evening about being a stiletto wearing cub scout leader and my adventures.

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