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Hipster Support Group

Holy shit this is funny! Found this humorous blog after reading a post about Mt. Dew. I had had a few so looking back now, it may have been a story about hot chocolate. Click here now to enter a world of beards and lumberjack wear…..


P.S. This reblog doesn’t look right to me so if I screwed this up, I’ll fix it this evening. Oh and it is about Mt. Dew.image

11 thoughts on “Hipster Support Group

  1. That link was good. Here’s the comment I left there:

    I live in Portland, Oregon. I keep spraying for hipsters but they keep coming back.

    I try my best to deter them–I brew my own coffee at home, I wear contacts, flaunt loose clothing, I eschew plaid. Nothing helps. Every time I leave Trader Joe’s, there are three more smiling at me and trying to sell me on Pabst Blue Ribbon and wrist tattoos.

    No. Just…no.

    Being twice their age helps a little, I enjoy pointing out to them that the moustaches of today are the mullets of tomorrow and their photos are all over the permanent museum walls of Facebook. Also, having good credit and a very low insurance rate is fun.

    Ah, well, I guess time will heal all wounds and loosen all skinny jeans. They will soon become the old hippies that embarrass their kids at the school play and I will listen, I will laugh, and I will continue to brew my own damned coffee.

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  2. Thank you, thank you. I’ve decided that spraying isn’t cost effective so I’ve resorted to simply holding up a copy of Martha Stewart Living which causes them to flee before me like vampires at a garlic festival.

    FYI, it has the same effect on me so I have to wear gloves.

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    1. I thought about your blog today when I was in a hipster grocery store b/c I couldn’t do another day of Wendys or Subway. It was the largest concentration of hipsters I’ve ever seen. I might even write about it for a post. Had I had my samsung watch on, I would of taken pictures for shits and giggles. I will continue to read on about the love story.

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