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My Posts Vs. Discover WordPress Posts

I have to laugh because when I click on the Discover WordPress, I am met with such topics as:

  • She Knows More Having Been Through Cancer 
  • A Photographer’s Journey Through Skid Row
  • Feeding the Heart

Meanwhile, my topics include:

  • Hot Mess Sister Goes to Jail For Not Peeing
  • Why Did God Allow Duck Dynasty
  • My Coloring Book Came In!

Oh shit balls, I can barely type this as I laugh so hard. Just an observation I wanted to share as I look for funny blogs to follow. Obviously, I will not be finding them in the Discover WordPress feed.


16 thoughts on “My Posts Vs. Discover WordPress Posts

    1. I started to read that post then I got distracted by a son. I’ll read it today! I often look at who is commenting like on your blog and other blogs and based on their names, I will check them out. You know one that is funny? HipsterStories.

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      1. and we can and are good writers. We just don’t always write about bland uppity topics all the time. Humor posts can get a bit riske, or naughty, and Discover doesn’t seem to touch any of that stuff.

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