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Why Are Discover WordPress Posts Boring?

I’m probably committing suicide here, saying this, but I really don’t care. I’m tired of clicking on the “Discover” button of WordPress only to find such topics as:

My Life as a Food Stylist


Mimi Mathews: Obviously you don’t know how boring this until you read the following description: From the evolution of Victorian fashion to tales of cats’ funerals, Mimi Matthews looks into some of the most fascinating — and quirky — corners of 19th-century history.


Rich Country: and of coarse the image is of several village children from Nepal.

For the people selecting what is in the WordPress feed, I just have 1 question:

Do you have a sense of humor?

And I mean a real good sense of humor. I’m not talking a boring or dry sense of humor. One that finds Monty Python funny or the type of person who questioned why Whitney was cancelled on NBC.

As I recently said in a comment, I am envisioning old white guys in tweed jackets in a cherry wood library at the WordPress HQ, smoking pipes. In a deep British accent, they are saying things like:

“I find that post about the ocean tides mesmerizing, add that to the list, Frances.”

While scanning over my posts, Nelson about spits out his latte and says, “Hot Mess Sister Arrested for Not Peeing? Is this Blogger mad? This is not worthy of Discover but simply an overactive imagination.”

Look, I read blogs to escape. I don’t want to think. I don’t want to be made to feel guilty or sad or stressed. I want to be entertained and my version of entertainment is humor, good humor. Like a fellow Blogger, Dragonfiles,  said in the comments of my recent post: My Posts Vs Discovers Post: We are good writers too. We just don’t always write about bland uppity topics all the time. This was an EXCELLENT point. In fact in my mind, writing something that you find humorous and hope everyone else does too, can post a challenge sometimes. When I’m laughing my ass off and can barely type the words, I’m hoping you guys find it funny too. I can write a depressing story about cats being kicked but I want to make people happy and laugh. No thinking required.


16 thoughts on “Why Are Discover WordPress Posts Boring?

  1. They are trying to be way too “safe” so no one will complain about anything that could be deemed offensive in any way. But that leaves us real people ready to complain about how boring those blogs are… your description of the guys in the tweed jackets… hahaha Exactly!

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