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Who’s With Me? A Blogging Conference!

Bloggy Conference  Yeah, I just caught word of this on Twitter and it sounds really awesome! Not to mention there is an entire amusement park in the backyard! Who’s with me? I’m thinking about going but I don’t know anyone.

Please clear all schedules and plan on attending this conference with me on 9/16-9/18. I need to check out the rooms and see if the Sandwich Trick is a viable option to land a suite.

12 thoughts on “Who’s With Me? A Blogging Conference!

      1. Yeah, I have a real blog … how come every time I go follow someone … they eventually ask for access to my private blog which has only 3 posts, written 4-5 years ago and can’t find my REAL blog? WHY IS THIS?

        Here’s my REAL blog: https://hysterectomy4dysmenorrhea.wordpress.com

        Now, I also don’t expect everyone to dig a hysterectomy blog … I’m not that delusional … just confused why no one finds my LIVE blog. Any ideas?


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