Joe Manganiello

Sooo….my youngest and I had some mother/son time tonight. One on one. Since I grew up in the 80’s, I loved that there was a Pee-Wee Herman special on Netflix. For all you youngins’ out there who have never heard of Pee Wee Herman listen up: he was a man child that lived in the… Continue reading Joe Manganiello


Transferring My Site to Wordpress.org

So I learned something new, that wordpress.com does not have as many functionalities as wordpress.org. I read that wordpress.com is great for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with technology and all of the customization you can do with wordpress.org. I want to add more capabilities to my blog so I am attempting to transfer my… Continue reading Transferring My Site to Wordpress.org


Let’s Be Real, You Stink

Last year my son went to 5th grade camp. One of the items stressed to be brought was deodorant. As the 28 year old, creepy Camp Director explained,  “Cause there’s nothing like 50 ripe smelling boys in the middle of the day,” he giggled, making all the moms uncomfortable at the thought of sending their… Continue reading Let’s Be Real, You Stink

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My PMS is PMS’ing

I can look back on yesterday and laugh but last night it wasn’t funny AT ALL to me. I was serious and I meant business. On my way back from getting groceries last night I was flustered, stressed and genuinely a hot mess. I fished around my 8 gallon drum purse to find my phone.… Continue reading My PMS is PMS’ing

Ridiculousness · Super Hot Mess

Well Ali’ be Damn! My Horribly Wrong Experience With the Diet Pill

I have a present for you guys! Below is one of my most favorite chapters in my book. I wish I could say this didn’t happen….but it did. Enjoy! You guys are awesome! In my mid-twenties I had a job that I LOVED working for E. Corporate. E. is a clothing store for women in… Continue reading Well Ali’ be Damn! My Horribly Wrong Experience With the Diet Pill

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The Homewrecker that is Monopoly

If you want a game that tears families apart, play Monopoly. It will make siblings not talk to each other for days and children angry at their parents. Go on, I dare you. Let me first say, I LOVE Monopoly. I have been playing it since I was probably 12. In addition to my Father… Continue reading The Homewrecker that is Monopoly

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Hot Mess Learns about Semen Tanks and Heifers

So as some of you may or may not have seen, I put a challenge on my blog yesterday to guess what this was: I learned yesterday that this is a semen tank. Yes, semen tank. Try to push the vomit back down your throat, I’ll wait. These tanks were all over the place and… Continue reading Hot Mess Learns about Semen Tanks and Heifers