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At Tire Discounters Again!

I don’t believe frustration quiet captures my feelings about Tire Discounters right now. I will try to keep my language in check. For anyone who doesn’t know, I spent 2.5 fucking hours here 2 days ago and dropped $463: Never Leaving Tire Discounters

Today I noticed the same knocking noise during my commute. The same noise documented 2 days ago and should have been addressed 2 days ago. Had they drove it like I advised, they would have captured the issue, but what do I know?

I haven’t been home since 8 a.m. It’s now 6:55 p.m. I walk in to Tire Discounters to find it’s White Trash night as a man in all camo is sitting on one side of the chairs, the golf magazine from 48 hours ago was now covered with Outdoor Life while a questionable meth addict Sat here, camo clad as well:


Occasionally she would laugh despite not looking at the tv or her phone to cause this reaction. To add to the WT theme, of coarse here is what the patrons turned the channel to. Some animal planet show about catching a bear, I think??


Go to use the restroom and the toilet is literally how I remember it from 48 hours earlier, up and dirty:


It’s like I never left.

15 minutes later a former WWF wrestler pops his head out the door.
“Mam, do you have the Toyota?”
“Yes,” I respond.
“Ok, follow me then. I want to show you your tire.”
To anyone, I am just following behind this man. If you pried my head open at the same time, you would find the following occurring:
Rolling of eyes, completely exasperated and throwing my hands in the air exclaiming “I know what my stupid tire looks like. I don’t want to come out there with you. This may be part of the “hands on experience” but I don’t want to be hands on. Just fix it so I can go back to watching Pit Bulls and Paroles with Tangeray.

“Ok Youngin’ let me explain what’s happening here.”

Stop right there Jesse Ventura. Why did he call me “Yougin’?” Am I reading too far into this or is he patronizing me by calling me young when in fact he thinks I’m old? He looks older than me so where does he get off calling me youngin’? Am I making sense here or do I sound crazy?

After he explains away 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back he leads me back to the counter where he continues to explain what happened with my car. All I hear is “tire, belt, pothole, tire, tire, $80.” I glazed over until I heard another cost.

“Look, I just spent $463 here 2 days ago and this should have been caught. I’m going to need a discount.” This is the ploy I use to turn lemons into lemonade when a business screws up and I am inconvenienced. I state how I was inconvenienced and what I want.

“Don’t worry, we’ll hook you up.”

“Now what’s wrong with it again?” I asked now mildly interested since I would be spending money.

“It’s like when you have a flat shoe on one foot and a stiletto on the other.”

I smiled appreciatively, pointed my finger on the wrap desk and exclaimed, “now your speakin’ my language.”

“Well I have to know that, raising 2 girls on my own…” he trails off.
What do you say to that? I didn’t know either so I just half grinned and responded, “oh really”.

30 minutes later I am down an additional $64, have a new tire and on my way out to my car. Because Tire Discounters thought I didn’t get enough of their waiting room; just as I fall into my driver’s seat and look over to the passenger side, I noticed they left their stupid paperwork in my car. I contemplated just driving away with it but it was this gigantic laynard like pouch with paperwork.

This is when my adult meltdown begins. I begin to whine, “DAMN IT! I just want to get home!” I say, now feeling sorry for myself.

I get back out in the wet snow….oh and it’s 33 degrees by the way…throw the doors open with complete agitation and literally throw the papers at them. They didn’t even look at me at this point, choosing to look down at the floor.

Let’s just say, if my car breaks down in the next 30 days, I am going to loose my shit. 


2 thoughts on “At Tire Discounters Again!

  1. Yell at them good!! I am so bad at things like that, but I am slowly getting better!! Or I should say, I gain a little bit and then move to Korea and loose it all and then have to start again when I get back to Canada haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trust me…u r sooo gonna love your 30’s more than your 20’s. The biggest change is the confidence to diplomatically and confidentally loose your shit. It won’t make much sense until you hit 30 but you’re gonna love it.

      Liked by 1 person

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