I LOVE Blogging

Perhaps this post is after 3 glasses of wine but I can’t get enough of blogging. I mean OH MY GOD!  Last year when I wrote my books and talking to my friend and sole connection to the entertainment world, he suggested blogging. Now, to understand what happened in my head, you have to muster up your best Valley Girl impression and say,

“Oh my God….blogging? Isn’t that like so 2002 or something?”

The summer came…..then the fall….then the Winter. I continue to add chapters to my book but I felt a connection was missing so I googled “blogging”. WordPress came up and I decided to opt for the free plan. I did however pay for my domain name hotmessmemoir.com which I treat like a spoiled child.

To me, being a hot mess is normalcy, but not in a bad way. Honestly, we are all hot messes in some way, shape or form. It could be our health, our addiction(s), our financial situation, our relationships, our past demons, career or a combination of all of these. And you know what? That is ok.

Aside from my books, I guess I’m tired of the notion that you must always put your best foot forward. You must always sweep issues under the rug and when anyone asks you “how are you doing?” You are required by law to say, “Great, I’m doing great” when in reality, you want to slit your wrists.

This concept is best demonstrated with the back and forth I have with my sister. She knows I lay everything out on the table sooner rather than later when I meet people. Co-workers are not an exception. She would rather do the “WASP thing” and put up a front that “my family is standard and everything is fine” when in reality, we have a background that is worthy of a Soap Opera….or at least Lock Up on MSNBC. She isn’t wrong, we are just different when it comes to that sort of thing. She is 8 years younger than me and I respect her opinion. In the end, I’m going to do whatever the hell I want with the understanding that there may be consequences.

So why do I love blogging? I have made SO MANY FRIENDS so quickly! I can’t get enough of you guys! Seriously! Your stories are amazing. I have made friends with people on other continents that I could have NEVER made really any other way. Well, I guess if I were a billionaire and fly my private plane to Dubai and make friends, then yes, that would be another option but given I drive a car older than my oldest son…well you know….ain’t happen.

I love the honesty in blogging. I love that many of you are like me and have a mental illness or another. See, we are like the handmade, leather boots I’ve had for almost a decade. At first they were shiny, then they became somewhat distressed, scuffed, weathered and worn. But now? They are fucking amazing! They are the boot that you see the “cool girl” wearing on the street that almost seems like it’s an extension of her.

I love that we can chat and be real in this forum. This is a place we can come and say, “yeah, I would die for my children but right now this mommy thing fucking sucks and I want to suck my thumb.” I want to be the friend you can be like “my job sucks, my boyfriend sucks and I want to drink a bottle of wine right now.”

Should you somehow accidentally come to my blog after updating your 700 Pinterest boards of why you are the perfect mother, wife and friend, I kindly ask that you unfollow me immediately and return to your Stepford Blog residing in Conneticut (I’m literally sitting here, trying to spell Conneticut without using spell check. I’m going to get this mother fucker. I am going to spell Conneticut). Literally….look at what I’m doing right now:





Cooneticut (is this where the movie cocoon was filmed with Wilford Brimley?)


Connecticut ( I cheated and googled it after 5 minutes of frustration)

In summary, we aren’t perfect. We have flaws ranging from the small to massive and that is ok. Really, that is ok. I love blogging and LOVE writing. I hope to make people smile and laugh. If I don’t, I will try harder. Peace out cub scouts!





11 thoughts on “I LOVE Blogging

      1. LOL! Oh, that’s funny! It was actually a mostly psychic message … you’re supposed to figure out the rest in your mind!

        At best it was a tired response … my cats were climbing all over me (all two); they love to trample the keyboard so I’m blaming them.

        I hope the “I” alone was too offensive and I’m still allowed to post on your blog! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. OK … my response makes no sense … what I say that I was responding to was that I had only typed the word “I” and nothing more … please ignore above comment … and to answer your question, I wasn’t drunk responding — I usually only respond buzzed at worst at tonight wasn’t one of those nights!

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