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Travel Log Day 1- Everything is Gonna Be Ok

Hot Mess Hits the Road This will tell you about our planned trip to Cincinnati and why.

So at 12:30, the family was in the SUV bound for Cincinnati, actually Covington, Ky for a weekend soccer tournament. I had plans to fire up the ole’ laptop and get some work done while my husband drove us but I quickly realized I was needed in other areas for our journey.

My husband was at the wheel and I would like to describe his driving style. My husband feels that if he is in the passing lane and he is 3′ behind you, you are to move. Immediately. When most people don’t abide by this, he rides their ass, going 80 mph. This makes me absolutely batty, causing me to feel the necessity to watch the road as if I were the driver. We continued to go between 80 and 90 the entire way there, riding someone’s ass 3/4 of the time. When I brought this up, his response was:

“You wanna drive?”

‘No ass hole, I just want to get there alive.’ Was my first thought.

“I just don’t want to rear end someone.”

The bridge from Cincinnati to Kentucky was a disaster. Cars were merging everywhere. I didn’t even know there were that many people in Kentucky to cause this issue. My sons did not realize this was stressful for both mom and dad and continued to chatter about absolutely nothing. It hit a fever pitch when my husband firmly said,

“GUYS! Can you stop chattering for like 2 minutes? Just 2 minutes. JESUS!” This exchange was occurring while I’m looking down into the Ohio River thinking, ‘One false move and we swim with the fishes.’

Thankfully, our ghetto-tastic Hampton Inn was immediately the first exit, once off the bridge. A gabillion other hotels, either the same cost or lower and we pick this hovel? Just as we turned in, I suddenly realized why this hotel was selected for soccer tournaments:

hot mess road trip

‘Everything is gonna be ok,’ I thought. ‘Everything is gonna be ok.’ Do you see what is literally in our parking lot? Fun fact: according to my husband, at one point, Cincinnati was dry. Covington, Ky took this as an opportunity to offer what the city would not. Even as we turned on to our street, there was this liquor superstore that seemed to be as big as a Best Buy

From a Trip Advisor review, the views of the Ohio River are “just lovely” from one side of the Hampton Inn. When my husband checked in, I asked that he request a top floor, preferably over looking this majestic scene.

Ohio RiverApparently this review was written by a Hampton Inn employee as the view is more reminiscent of a crime scene or the backdrop of Silence of the Lambs. I already saw a hobo and his dog hanging out right when I walked to the window to check out the “lovely view.” Thank God I didn’t waste $10 using The Sandwich Trick to get this view. I would have gone back downstairs and asked for it back.

So now I’m up here alone because I sent the boys out with another father for wings and boys time. I don’t like wings and I can only take so much soccer talk.

My room is a complete shit hole but of coarse I knew that going in because I did research. Hampton Inn fools you thinking they have remodeled by showing the one place they did remodel:

Hampton Inn Covington, Ky

The rooms haven’t been touched since probably 1998. Here is our piss color room:

our room at hampton inn

I asked for 2 queen beds so our sons would not wake up feeling like they were 80 from the sofa bed. Of coarse that is too modern for this hotel as they only offer a King with a sofa or 2 doubles.

The hotel is almost full because apparently this is the hotel de choix for not only the soccer tournament but a girl’s basketball team and a local Mary Kay convention.

So alas, I am going to get my shoes and walk over to Liquor City. I hope they have wine and not Boones Farm wine. If they don’t have wine, I’ll have to go to the superstore a 1/2 mile away.

P.S. C is hoping to see Colonel Sanders while in Kentucky. I told him it’s a definite possibility.



14 thoughts on “Travel Log Day 1- Everything is Gonna Be Ok

  1. Welcome to Cincitucky! My home town.
    I’m afraid that there is a liquor store next to EVERY hotel in Covington. I’m fairly sure it a law. I could be wrong.
    Newport is nicer.
    Covington went with a lot of hotels and nothing to do.
    Newport went with being an attraction.
    Neither of them are Palm Beach.
    Trump is in town on Sunday at noon – duck and run before then.

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  2. I just realized that I’m following three bloggers from Ohio. This is weird.

    Anywho, I totally get you on the husband driving thing — mine does the same thing. I’m just waiting for some batsh*t crazy person to pull out a gun one day and end his tailgating. I just cringe when he drives like this. I feel your pain.

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  3. Hon, your description of hubby’s driving made me chuckle. If you get a chance, Google my name and “Back Seat Driver.” I think it will sound familiar. I’ve already lost one husband in a traffic accident and if this one doesn’t slow down, I’m afraid I’ll lose him too. He just doesn’t get it. We have to laugh to keep from crying.

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  4. From the good side of Ohio, let me say Cincinnati is the largest city in Kentucky. But even they wouldn’t claim it either. I would suggest staying outside of Cincinnati next time. While I fully agree violations of the passing lane should be severe. But I don’t ride in the back seat of the car in front of me either. Ready stupid people don’t get smarter behind a wheel. But Cincinnati does have an aquarium, a creationist museum, and wait these all on the Kentucky side….

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      1. No I’m from Cleveland. Build a bear should be safe. I’m not sure many people there would try to build anything. 😉 I travel quite a bit. I was not impressed by Cincy. Dayton and Columbus are better for things to do


  5. I’m in KY this weekend as well (At a comicon with my son in Lexington). I am at Red Roof laughing my ass off because i’m feeling your pain! I wish my hotel had a booze hub! Have one for me!

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