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Hoverboards-Cool or Doushie?

I can’t even remember how the topic was brought  up, but I think it was with  Ben’s Bitter Blog. This past weekend at my nightmare motel, I saw more hoverboards than I care to see. Shocking, but it was the kids that were clearly not athletes that felt the need to own and operate a hoverboard.

Admittedly, I was intrigued at first. Hell, my only frame of reference was Back to the Future-II. By the way, do you know that the “future” they were portraying was 2015? I wish the hoverboards would have come about but the real ones that don’t touch the ground.

Now hoverboards are annoying and I want to see their owners fall off. There was one kid who rode it into the pool area despite drenched floors. There was another kid rolling right into the elevator with his. At Kenwood mall there was an adult just rollin’ right out like this was just normal.

Is this our last ditch effort to become THE LAZIEST generation of all time? How does it get any worse then something doing our walking for us? I just sat there for a few minutes pondering what is lazier. The only thing I could come up with is if we found a way to have something sleep for us, while we are doing absolutely nothing. Did I just blow your mind?

So in my mind hoverboards are the Ed Hardy shirts and Blue Tooths of this decade. I loathe both in epic ways. So what are your thoughts? Is this the transportation of the douche and the douchebagette (female version of douche in case you weren’t aware)?


9 thoughts on “Hoverboards-Cool or Doushie?

  1. I really don’t see how can they be any more annoying than bikes, skateboards, roller skates or anything similar. Let me give you an example how useful hoverboard can be: I’m a tour bus driver, and frequently must park my bus 2-3 miles from the hotel. When I park it, I take out my hoverboard, and ride back to the hotel. Waaay more practical than bike (where would I keep a bike in the bus??), rollers or anything else..

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    1. Point taken my friend and you are especially right with your job. I can’t even imagine having to park 2-3 miles away and walking. I avoid taking extra steps at the grocery store. They are annoying when your 11 yr old almost breaks all the toes of your 7 year old. Or when you go to a hotel for soccer and you have dodge a kid who not prepared to stop. So annoying when indoors, not annoying when serving a great purpose such as what you mentioned. 2 to 3 miles…geeze…still can’t get over that! Thank you for writing! -Hot Mess

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