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My Addiction to Tiny Houses

I have no idea why I am obsessed with tiny houses. I flippin’ love tiny houses. I don’t know if it’s the ingenuity of the dwellings or the concept to live smaller so you won’t be house poor. Regardless, I’ve browsed hundreds of online tiny homes thinking, ‘could we do it?’

To have the best of both worlds I sent an e-mail to my sister with a Tumbleweed PDF that she should should consider a tiny home. Tumbleweed has an amazing collection of floor plans and there are a few homes that aren’t so tiny.

This was a win win situation for me. She could build a tiny home and I would live vicariously through her. Should the cramped quarters become too much, not my problem.

Surprisingly she responded back that her boyfriend’s parents told them the same thing and they could put their house in their backyard. I’ve never been to their house but I’m guessing it’s huge and I know it sits on a large piece of land.

Not to be outdone, I said she needed to build her tiny house in my backyard. My land is about the same size as a Tim Horton’s, minus the employee parking lot.  I said this in jest, knowing that our HOA is anal and you must submit a bunch of paperwork just to put up a stupid shed.

Below is a screen shot of my sister’s response to suggesting she move to my backyard. When she talks about An, An is her boyfriend’s sister who lives at home because she has cerebral palsy. She has a tricked out wheel chair they lovingly call her command center:

sister's e-mail

My response?

“I am laughing my ass off right now but yes, that is a fair assessment.”

9 thoughts on “My Addiction to Tiny Houses

  1. I love tiny houses too! I LOVE the idea of having less to take care. But I don’t think I could do an actual TINY on wheels. I want something more permanent under my feet and actual toilet plumbing. But the idea of a home of about 500 square feet. With a bed, desk, bath, kitchen and a porch.

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  2. I’m a late adopter of the tiny house obsession – it started yesterday when I watched a programme devoted to their wonder. I am a convert. I need all my daughters to have tiny houses in my yard so that I can be that woman your sister describes mwhahahahha!

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    1. The thought seriously crossed my mind to have a tiny house for each son connected by a deck. Then when it was too cold out I’d be like oh sorry, guess we’re all gonna have to stay in our own houses. Frowny face.

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  3. I’ve lived in a 30-foot travel trailer for the last three years and I gotta say that It Rocks! If I don’t like my neighbors, I call a Dude with a Truck to take me somewhere else. All of the systems are built-in for efficiency and the plumbing system is not nearly as primitive as you might think. Getting rid of all the “extra” stuff in my life has been liberating and I don’t miss a thing. If you want to give Tiny Living a try, rent an RV for a couple of weeks. You’ll know pretty quickly if you like it.

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      1. LOL! That’s the biggest question, isn’t it? You’ve seen the whole She Shed thing, right? If not, a quick web search will put you right down the rabbit hole 🙂


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