Transferring My Site to WordPress.org

So I learned something new, that wordpress.com does not have as many functionalities as wordpress.org. I read that wordpress.com is great for someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with technology and all of the customization you can do with wordpress.org.

I want to add more capabilities to my blog so I am attempting to transfer my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I’m a little scared and wanted to give you all a heads up that if I get lost in the woods, I will find my way back. Occasionally I have the tendency to blow things up on accident so if I’m suddenly MIA, you’ll know obviously I hit a snag but I can do this!

My goal is to make this change seamlessly on the back end and no one knows I’m doing it. Wish me luck folks and I’ll see you on the other side!

22 thoughts on “Transferring My Site to WordPress.org

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people go through this transfer (including myself) and it usually is a pretty hard change. I decided not to do it because I couldn’t get a like button and couldn’t figure out how to get all my followers. Also you don’t have reader on your side, but I wish you luck!

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      1. Yes, the Illuminati called WordPress.org. They entice you in by saying “you get all the control” and “you can make money”, but really they are the ones that get money. The web is littered with people that switched to org and quit soon after. Don’t let that be you!

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    1. Oh Lord, had 2 glasses of wine and now I’m on godaddy.com live chat. I feel sorry for the Customer Service Rep: Lil’ Ashley. She’s bout’ to get a huge hot mess she didn’t sign up for while working her way through college.


  2. I was webeditor for a professional site on WordPress.org for several years and there are more features it supports, but WordPress.com was a good place for you to start and learn the basics. WP.com is probably sufficient for the needs of most of us, but the bigger sites are on their own domain with WordPress.org. Good luck and hope it all works out for you!

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    1. I’m ’bout to scream right now as I still haven’t transferred it over 100%. I think my final hurdle is as I point the domain to wordpress.org, it asks for a subdomain. It says (blank space-sub domain name).hotmessmemoir.com. What is my sub domain?


      1. Sub domain is a page other than the index (main) page. It seems it should pull in secondary pages. Not sure as I did have an IT professional to help with original setup. There must be some pages not being transferred. Maybe you can get WP support to help you. Just a thought, are you transferring using a domain name you purchased like http://hotmess.com or the one with hotmess.wordpress.com? That could make a difference.

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