Guest Post: Ben’s Bitter Blog

He is a man that wears many hats! Not only is he bitter but he is a punderful pundinator! Enjoy this guest post found on the wonderful Suzue Speaks blog!!

Suzie Speaks

toucan punI never had a sense of humor growing up. Well, I did, but it was never really realized until college. As fun as high school was, college is where I met my real friends. My real friends taught me how to meet, talk to, ask out and kiss girls. They taught me how to study, how to party, and how to laugh.  But most of all, they taught me that I had a sense of humor. I was educated in razor sharp wit. I was taught how to tell a funny story, how to make a good comeback and how to be witty. I got so good at having a witty comeback for everything, that when I went home for Christmas, my parents said, “Wow, college has taught you to be so mean!”

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7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ben’s Bitter Blog

  1. Hi,
    I know Suzi. That was nice of you to reblog her post.

    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger! I was his featured blogger too!
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.


    1. Hi Janice, Ok, perhaps I’m having a complete flake out moment but are you saying I was featured or Suzi for Danny Ray’s blog? So confused. Must be sitting in the sun all day causing it. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself. Thank you!

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