I’ve made a decision. (Prepare for the eff word…a lot)

This is an AMAZING post, posted by Tarnished Soul. Why? Because despite the pain this post evolved from, it’s passionate, real and honest. 3 traits I’m always in search for. Now, the F bomb is dropped roughly 55-75 times, I don’t know, I didn’t count. So if you are a nun, Amish or a delicate little flower/snowflake, please do not read. I appreciate the passion in this post and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve reblogged something.

Tarnished Soul

…depression, anxiety and all that other bullshit just completely fucking sucks!

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself. I’m sick of wallowing in self-pity. I’m sick of trying to understand shit I just don’t fucking understand. I’m sick of pushing myself into a mold I just don’t fucking understand. I’m sick of trying to get some people to pay attention to me, when they just fucking won’t. I’m sick of this whiney ass be-yotch I have become. I want to exude some fucking positivity for a fucking change. I fucking deserve that fucking shit!


Seriously, I’m fucking sick of it all and I’m tired of burrowing into a hole to protect myself from gawd-fucking-knows-what. I push myself to strive for some fucking high standard of what I think is an ideal and maybe I just can’t fucking do it and that’s fucking okay!  Fuck…and I’m tired…

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