Coconut Oil- I Put That S*** on Everything

I’ve been getting into more natural ways to care for my skin lately. Coconut oil has been in my house now for several years. Here’s 20 different ways to use coconut oil via Coconut Oil- I Put That S*** on Everything – Hot Mess Memoir


Aspirin Mask Recipe for Acne & Anti-aging

I have discovered Aspirin masks and love them! My 14-year-old loves them too! Here’s my recipe along with why this mask is amazing via Aspirin Mask Recipe for Acne & Anti-aging – Hot Mess Memoir

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What to Expect During a Mammogram

I’m telling my story on my mammogram experience and confirming THEY DON’T HURT! Click here for a humorous approach to the exam and what to expect via What to Expect During a Mammogram – Hot Mess Memoir

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Eureka! A Cure for Under Eye Bags!

So I think I’ve found the best thing out there so far for bags under the eyes. Check it out via Eureka! A Cure for Under Eye Bags! – Hot Mess Memoir

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Hot Mess and the IQ Test

I did something the other night I’ve always wanted to do, take an IQ test! And how did I do? You can see my results via Hot Mess and the IQ Test – Hot Mess Memoir


Food Diary of a Cheater

Yeah, soooo….I’ve been known to cheat on my diet. Despite loosing 10 pounds I have fallen off the wagon. Nah, I’ve tucked and rolled down a ravine, picking up speed. Check out my latest blog post via Food Diary of a Cheater – Hot Mess Memoir