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Elf on the the Shelf-Day 1

What my son sees upon waking:  A delightful little elf named Zipper just wanting to play video games. In fact, he even has his own special soccer uniform, because I am that good.  Adult version of Elf on the Shelf: Zipper has hit rock bottom. He can no longer afford the prescription drugs on his… Continue reading Elf on the the Shelf-Day 1

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How I Will Be Tricking My Sons on April Fools: BAG LADY

I have begun my plans for April Fools 2016. Every year I trick my boys….majorly. It’s gotten so bad that last year I found a purple post it note on my sons shelf that said “April Fools Day-don’t be fooled”. Last years trick involved barbies, Teen Beat magazine and the frozen song. I’ll post that… Continue reading How I Will Be Tricking My Sons on April Fools: BAG LADY

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Drone Wars Part 1

I come down today from my 30 minute make believe nap to discover the boys attempting to rip into their new drones. My husband went up to take a cat nap of 3 hours so I knew I would be the drone queen for the afternoon. P was already screwing something to something on his… Continue reading Drone Wars Part 1

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Drone as Presents?

Be honest, when you hear drone you think warfare or small villages being blown up? At least this was the zeitgeist a few years ago. Apparently, now they are overpriced toys you purchase on Christmas Eve at Best Buy because one child has one extra present more than the other and “everything has to be… Continue reading Drone as Presents?

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Elf on the Shelf Part 2 (view discretion advised)

Last year one night I was becoming increasingly frustrated that my boys did not find my Elf on the Shelf efforts good enough. “Why didn’t Zipper move last night?” or “Why does Zipper only stay in the living room?” Jesus! This wasn’t what was supposed to happen, we were to move it to a stationary… Continue reading Elf on the Shelf Part 2 (view discretion advised)