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Congratulations! You’re the Most Oblivious Person on Earth

In this post, let’s review the oblivious tweet from Kim Kardashian. I am in awe of the lack of empathy this chick has given the dumpster fire that is Earth right now. Check it out here.

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Con Artists During the Pandemic

During crisis, most people come together to help each other out. Then there are the slime balls that take complete advantage of the situation. Case in point, this article…. Con Artists During the Pandemic

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My Healthy Child Was Quarantined. Here’s How I’m Fighting Back

Because of just 5″, my son is not allowed to attend in-person classes or high school soccer. Here’s the timeline of events over the past week and what I’m doing to get him back to class and playing soccer.

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F*** this Pandemic! – Hot Mess Memoir

I am so over this whole pandemic thing. I just really need to vent via F*** this Pandemic! – Hot Mess Memoir

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Rage at McDonald’s

Using the McDonald’s app and the struggle I went through to get $15.21 of food for my family was enough to set me over the edge via Rage at McDonald’s – Hot Mess Memoir

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5 Truths When Shopping a Lingerie Store

Why is it such a hassle to shop in lingerie stores? Here are 5 truths we deal with when shopping for undies via 5 Truths When Shopping a Lingerie Store – Hot Mess Memoir

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Hot Mess Reviews Kalahari- Hope You’re a Millionaire

If I never go to another indoor waterpark, I would be completely fine. Here is how it all went down in just 24 hours via Hot Mess Reviews Kalahari- Hope You’re a Millionaire – Hot Mess Memoir

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Facebook and Humble Bragging

I don’t know about you but the humble bragging on Facebook has got to go! I’m diving in and writing about it via Facebook and Humble Bragging – Hot Mess Memoir

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Why are Women’s Halloween Costumes So Slutty?

Someone has to ask the question and that someone is me. In this post, I take a side-by-side comparison of the actual character and how a costume designer interpreted it via Why Are Women’s Halloween Costumes So Slutty? – Hot Mess Memoir

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10 Ways to Be a Decent Human Being While Driving

I’ve had it with bad drivers and how they are extending the length of my commute. Obviously, some folks need to be reminded of how to be a decent driver via 10 Ways to Be a Decent Human Being While Driving – Hot Mess Memoir