Funniest Posts on Earth!

These are my favorite/funniest posts. The ones you’ll have to change your underwear after reading. If you like these, you’ll love following Hot Mess Memoir for future funnies!

purpleteethclubPurple Teeth Club While on vacation, I drank a few too many glasses of wine and one of our friends took my picture while I was asleep on the sofa. Though they thought they got one over on me, jokes on them. I took my sleeping body and put me in a bunch of famous pictures!

Father’s Day Gifts for Crappy Fathers Normally, you see gift www.hotmessmemoir.com_guides on what to get dads on Father’s day. I thought the world needed a gift guide for shitty fathers. This is actually my #1 post to date on

10waystobeadecenthumanbeingtexting7 Ways to be a Decent Human Being-Texting Ways to be a decent human being is a series of posts taking on annoying behaviors. We all have pet peeves when it comes to texting and yet, many are oblivious to these faux pas. In this post, I lay out how to be a decent human being when texting.

10 Symptoms of the Man Cold Oh Jesus, here we go. The man cold! 10symptomsofThis post was inspired by my husband who is king of the man colds. One could have the bubonic plague and yet the one inflicted with the man cold is deemed sicker.

the5levelsofThe 5 Levels of Hangry It’s a known fact in my home that when I’m hungry, your life is in danger. I don’t fuck around when it comes to food and I absolutely love to eat. When I’m hungry, I don’t just eat, I feed.

House Hunters Be Like Like every warm-blooded American woman, I househuntersbelikeabsolutely love House Hunters. I also like making fun of the ridiculousness that is house hunters. Especially the exorbitant budget when their careers include window washer and pre-school teacher. Here, I’m completely making fun of the careers and the budget combos.

I have so many more posts I want to share but I won’t bombard you! Happy reading!

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