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Podcast Review- My Dad Wrote a Porno

Here’s my review of the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to. Here’s what happens when Jamie’s dad decides to write an erotic novel! via Podcast Review- My Dad Wrote a Porno – Hot Mess Memoir

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Father’s Day Gifts for Crappy Fathers- Part 2

Welcome to my annual gift-giving guide for crappy fathers! If you’ve got one, you’re in the perfect place to find the perfect, awful gift via Father’s Day Gifts for Crappy Fathers- Part 2 – Hot Mess Memoir

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Bathing Suits at the Public Pool

I forgot all about the people watching at the public pool. Come spend a day with me at ours via Bathing Suits at the Public Pool – Hot Mess Memoir

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Face Plant of the Century

Have you ever face planted so hard that it’s worthy of retelling the story? Check out my first and hopefully only face plant via Face Plant of the Century – Hot Mess Memoir

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Handmaid’s Tale- Season 1 & 2 Recap

Thought about starting Handmaid’s Tale but already missed the last 2 seasons? No problem! I wrote a recap of the last 2 years to get you up to speed asap! via Handmaid’s Tale- Season 1 & 2 Recap – Hot Mess Memoir


Eyebrows Elude Me

Possibly the dumbest post I’ve ever written, I really need to talk about this first world problem. Why do eyebrows elude me? via Eyebrows Elude Me – Hot Mess Memoir

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An Example of Bad Parenting

Apparently just like us, Satan has to eat. Unfortunately, Satan’s parents chose to eat at the same restaurant as us and sit across from us. Check out this example of bad parenting via An Example of Bad Parenting – Hot Mess Memoir

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College Sports Recruiting

So I’m flipping out about my 14-year-old son and getting him in front of college coaches. It shouldn’t be like this but it is……via College Sports Recruiting – Hot Mess Memoir


Mad Libs for Adults- Teacher’s Edition

For our hard working teachers out there, I’ve made an adult mad lib, just for you! Click here to have some fun! via Mad Libs for Adults- Teacher’s Edition – Hot Mess Memoir

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At My Wits End- Making School Lunches

I’m just at my wit’s end in having to make lunches! I just have 4 more days to survive without giving them just ketchup packets via At My Wits End- Making School Lunches – Hot Mess Memoir