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Has Customer Service Gotten Worse?

I want to hear from everyone from around the world. Is it just me or is customer service overall getting worse? I wrote about it on my self-hosted blog via Has Customer Service Gotten Worse? – Hot Mess Memoir

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What to Expect During a Mammogram

I’m telling my story on my mammogram experience and confirming THEY DON’T HURT! Click here for a humorous approach to the exam and what to expect via What to Expect During a Mammogram – Hot Mess Memoir

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Crappy Moms

Read all the traditional gift guides on what to give mom? How about those mom’s that are less than stellar? Click on my link to check out Mother’s day gifts for crappy moms via Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Crappy Moms – Hot Mess Memoir

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Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts- A Hot Mess Gift Giving Guide

Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? I’ve put together my favorites for your consideration! via Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts- A Hot Mess Gift Giving Guide – Hot Mess Memoir

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Generation X Hotel

I’m tired of every hotel chain creating new hotels for millennials. How about us Gen X’ers with kids? Here is my new concept for Hilton. Your welcome Hilton! via Generation X Hotel – Hot Mess Memoir

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I Became Prom Queen Last Night!

It’s true! At 42-years-old, I became prom queen at the hotel we were staying at for a soccer tournament. I even have the pics to prove it via I Became Prom Queen Last Night! – Hot Mess Memoir

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We’re Goin’ on a Road Trip Friends!

Grab your weekend bag and some wine because we’re goin’ on a road trip! via We’re Goin’ on a Road Trip Friends! – Hot Mess Memoir

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Your Phone Is Spying on You!

After my husband received a little “too-targeted” of ads last week, it inspired me to write this post. It turns out more than likely, you have downloaded an app that allows your phone to spy on you via Your Phone Is Spying on You! – Hot Mess Memoir

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Professional Versus Unprofessional

Do you ever feel like co-workers find you boring/average but that’s because they just don’t know the real you? Let’s talk about it! via Professional Versus Unprofessional – Hot Mess Memoir

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Funny Spam Letters From Africa

I love a good spam letter! Lately, I’ve had several arrive in my in box at work and I’d love to share a few with you! via Funny Spam Letters From Africa – Hot Mess Memoir