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My Son’s Music Equals Satan’s Symphony

In an effort to bond with my 14-year-old son, I decided to let him play DJ. This was my first mistake. Come on over and let’s discuss My Son’s Music Equals Satan’s Symphony – Hot Mess Memoir

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10 Creepy Medieval Paintings- Part 2

My first blog post about creepy Medieval paintings was a hit. I wanted to give all you weirdos a fresh dose of paintings I’ve uncovered. Click here and enjoy how bat shit crazy they were back then via 10 Creepy Medieval Paintings- Part 2 – Hot Mess Memoir

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Hot Mess and the School Food

After partaking in the breakfast my son’s school served to us, I’ve vowed that my son will never have to eat school food again via Hot Mess and the School Food – Hot Mess Memoir

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What Do You Crave? How Often Do You Crave It?

Come on over to my blog to see what I crave via What Do You Crave? How Often Do You Crave It? – Hot Mess Memoir

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My Attempt at Scam Letter

Well I can tell ya’ll one thing, I don’t have a future in writing scam letters, that’s for damn sure. Check out what I came up with via My Attempt at Scam Letter – Hot Mess Memoir

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Hot Mess Comments on Scammer Emails

When I need a laugh break at work, I turn to my junk folder. It doesn’t disappoint and here are a few scam letters promising millions if I give them my social security number via Hot Mess Comments on Scammer Emails – Hot Mess Memoir

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Explain Lightning to a Five-Year-Old

In my 400 Writing Prompts book, I decide to write how to explain lighting to a five-year-old. It confirmed one thing: there is a reason our children aren’t home schooled via Explain Lightning to a Five-Year-Old – Hot Mess Memoir

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5 Truths When Shopping a Lingerie Store

Why is it such a hassle to shop in lingerie stores? Here are 5 truths we deal with when shopping for undies via 5 Truths When Shopping a Lingerie Store – Hot Mess Memoir

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A Fake, Non-Braggy Christmas Letter

Is it just me or do those braggy Christmas letters you get from friends and family annoy every fiber of your being? It does me so I’ve decided to write a fake one via A Fake, Non-Braggy Christmas Letter – Hot Mess Memoir

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Moms Aren’t Allowed to Get Sick – Hot Mess Memoir

That’s one of the many things they don’t tell you before becoming a mother that you’re not allowed to get or be sick. Read on via Moms Aren’t Allowed to Get Sick – Hot Mess Memoir