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We’re All Gonna Be Happy Damn It! Practicing Hygge

This Fall, I’d say I’m going over and beyond in trying to secure happiness or at the very least, avoid the winter blues. Here’s how I’m doing it via We’re All Gonna Be Happy Damn It! Practicing Hygge – Hot Mess Memoir

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Facebook Memories Can Suck It

Perhaps I sound bitter or negative but I really don’t enjoy the Facebook memories that pop up. Here’s how to fight back! via Facebook Memories Can Suck It – Hot Mess Memoir

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Funniest Videos on Earth

After being diagnosed with Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia or ADH, I had a lumpectomy and started a 5 year regime of taking Tamoxifen once a day. One of the side effects is hot flashes despite still being in my 30’s.

At the Oncologists office last year:

Me: “Sweet! That means my period is going to stop right? Hot flashes equal no period, right?”

Oh my God so exciting! No more period!!!

Oncologist: “No, I’m sorry. You will still get your period.”

Me: “What the hell?”

Oncologist: “I know.”

I also found out Tamoxifen is an appetite suppressant so I was willing to bend a little on the period thing.

I absolutely love my doctors. Can’t say enough about them. I just happened to catch something they didn’t after a little research. Turns out the antidepressants I was taking, cancelled out the Tamoxifen. From what I’m to understand, if I don’t take Tamoxifen, you know-business as usual, my chances of breast cancer increases four-fold. In a nut shell, I pretty much need this medicine till 2020.

So, I can’t use anti-depressants. This fact completely blows so I self medicate with comedy. Much of what makes me laugh comes from You Tube. God bless You Tube. So for a night or two, I would love to share the videos that make me laugh, sometimes laughing till I cry. Right now, I need this funny shit. I have no problem watching it over and over again and I really wish there was a clean version as I would love to share it with my sons. I present to you my top favorite videos:

VIDEO 1: (give this till she is in the recording booth, your welcome)

Amy Schumer- Acting Off Camera