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F*** this Pandemic! – Hot Mess Memoir

I am so over this whole pandemic thing. I just really need to vent via F*** this Pandemic! – Hot Mess Memoir

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6 Things I’ve Learned in Quarantine

Well folks, it’s been interesting over the past month, hasn’t it? Here are 6 things I’ve learned in quarantine. Take a look via 6 Things I’ve Learned in Quarantine – Hot Mess Memoir

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The 10 Best Coronavirus Memes

Because we need a laugh right now, I’ve compiled my 10 favorite coronavirus memes via The 10 Best Coronavirus Memes – Hot Mess Memoir

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2020 Me Talks to 2019 Me

Given the state of the world right now, I thought it would be comical to have 2020 me have a conversation with 2019 me. It’s such a contrast and you can read it here via 2020 Me Talks to 2019 Me – Hot Mess Memoir