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My Sister is Looking at a Brady Bunch Home-You Have to Look at These Pics!

I was working on a post this evening when received a text from my sister S with a property her and her boyfriend are interested in. For anyone that doesn’t know, my younger sister has entered the housing marketing ready to buy and I’ve posted 2 of the houses, both which didn’t happen (one sucked and the other was scooped up). Here is that posting: Hot Mess House Hunter Homes to Choose From

The post I was working on went COMPLETELY out the window once I went online and checked out this house. OH MY GOD! I have never, in my life, seen a house that has remained so ridiculously outdated. It’s like a movie set. It’s like a time warp but a time warp with Liberace. I quickly began to snag pictures of the house and I am so excited to show you guys this hot mess that I can barely contain myself.

I would imagine this house to be like the crush your best friend has on a bad boy in high school. Sure, he’s needs work and he’s hot in his own kind of way. Your egging it on but in the long run, you know it’s wrong and in the back of your head all you hear is DANGER!

You guys ready? I give you the Brady Bunch House:

brady bunch house at

Would the Golden Girls consider this a lanai? Check out the indoor hot tub…

golden girls lanai at the brady bunch house

Do you think that is a fountain?

brady bunch hallway

Let’s talk about this side of the living room for a moment. Again, is that another fountain/garden area? Did Liberace throw up in here? Look at the wall candles….living room in liberace brady bunch home

All the provisions one needs should Liberace show up: a piano, feathers, naked statue and candleabra.

in case liberace shows up

E.T. phone home…..

ET Phone Home

Every well respected home needs an Asian landscape mural on the wall and saloon doors:

Asian landscape mural

This was Barbie’s room before moving out…..

barbie's bedroom

This is almost a deal breaker…..

the green room at brady bunch home

I’m sure the former tenants cried while making love in this room since it’s like angels and clouds colliding together…..and I also feel as if I’m at a funeral parlor in this room.

brady bunch bedroom



23 thoughts on “My Sister is Looking at a Brady Bunch Home-You Have to Look at These Pics!

  1. The weird side of me wants this house. I don’t think I’d have the heart to redo anything! It’s all too perfect. Especially the strange windows in the bedrooms. In the bottom photo – is that a see-through window? Like in a hospital? That’s a little creepy.

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  2. That totally is a Brady Bunch house!! I feel like whoever ends up living there (whether it’s your sister or not), should be required to have weekly potato-sack races in the backyard. And occasionally put on colorful leisure suits and sing “It’s a Sunshine Day.” Just a thought.

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    1. Oh my God, you just gave me the best idea. I need to find a cherry red leisure suit with white, billowy sleeves and a Mr. Ferly handkerchief to wear around my neck for the showing that I’m being invited to. I’m going to need an extra 30 minutes in and around the home to take all the staged pictures…such as the potato sack race. The possiblities are endless!!!!


      1. Oh PLEASE pretty please do that. You could also reenact the nose-breaking incident, though maybe in a way that doesn’t break your actual nose.

        Oh! And you should bitterly murmur “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” to yourself while doing all of this…

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  3. This looks like a fun house to visit. Wonder what kind of clothes these people where? LOVE that festive Kelly Green carpet — perfect for St. Patty Day’s celebrations and drinking Shamrock shakes from McDonalds!

    Hotmess, is this a REAL house? It looks so fake! 😉

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      1. Sounds like an adventure!

        Here’s a story, a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls
        all of them had hair of gold, like their mother … the youngest one in curls.

        Here’s a story, a man named Brady
        Who was busy with three boys of his own.

        They were four men living all together
        yet they were all alone.

        Till the one day when the lady met this fellow. And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
        That this group must somehow form a family … That’s the way we all became the Brady bunch.

        The Brady bunch, the Brady bunch. That’s the way we became the Brady bunch.


  4. OMG I’m literally LMAO! Whoa, where did she find the place? Talk about Charlie’s Angels. I’m your newest follower and would love for you to visit my site when you get a chance. I’ll be back to visit soon 🙂

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    1. Ah, welcome to the craziness of my life! Thank you for following. I will check out your site in a bit. I too wondered where she found it. She is supposed to tour it soon and I hope I can go b/c I cannot WAIT to take a million pictures of it. I think Mr. Ferly lived here. 🙂


  5. I’m sooo the person who would buy it because of the “potential”, then bitterly regret it and end it abruptly with a quick sale, losing all my home equity to buy a brand new condo with white walls and beige carpet.

    But IMAGINE if you ripped out the horror of stone walls and tore down the wallpaper and pulled up the carpet and shredded all the window covering and then you went all kinds of contemporary zen.

    IMAGINE! You could probably buy a new house for that price, but IMAGINE!

    Oh. Also, the garage door – ITS GOT TO GO.

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    1. Literally, when i saw the rock wall I thought, I wonder how hard it would be to add those plastic ledges you see on rock climbing walls. Then my sons could come over and rock climb. See, I don’t think my sister can wait as long as it would probably take to gut the place. She would want to do it now and do it for $500. It would be an amazing home if you had a hefty decorating budget.

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